The company was set up the summer of 2008 when the fire engine was purchased. The business has continued to grow with new activities that the fire engine has to offer being added.

We are happy to accommodate any reasonable request from our customers. Below are a few ideas and activities that we have catered for since launching the engine.

Hen Nights

If you want something unusual for your hen night, then the sight of a fully liveried fire engine with a uniformed ‘fireman’, turning up at your chosen venue is likely to turn heads! The maximum number of passengers we can legally carry is 8.

School Proms

Want to make your friends envious? Make your presence felt by arriving in your very own fire engine limo. Bring along up to 7 of your friends (maximum of 8 passengers in total) and watch your favourite DVD through the onboard TV or listen to the very latest CD’s on our quality sound system. There are considerably less fire engine
limos on the road than standard limousines, so if you want to make a statement, here is your opportunity.

Children’s Parties

Even if your children are no longer fans of Fireman Sam, they cannot fail to be impressed by having their very own fire engine for their party. No need to struggle trying to come up with something original, we can carry up to 7 children (there must be one responsible adult within the party, who can, if preferred travel in the cab) to their party
destination or make the fire engine limo the main event. They can go for a cruise around town before going home or onto the main event. We can also provide Fireman Sam helmets if

Events (Fund Raising or Promotional)

Whether you have in mind a corporate event and want something a little different, a children’s outdoor party, a promotional event that needs something a little unusual to draw the crowds or a potential fund raiser, our fire engine limo could be a great choice.

Stag Nights

If you are looking for something a little more ‘macho’ for your stag night then our fire engine limo is a good choice. It offers ample room for even the biggest lads (up to 8 passengers) and includes a quality sound system if music is your choice or a DVD player so that you can watch your favourite movies. Exiting out of a fully liveried fire engine is likely to turn heads even at the swankiest of venues, so why not add our fire engine limo to your wish list?


Yes weddings! As more and more couples look to wedding transport, the challenge to find something different is unending. Classic cars, vintage, modern marquees or stretched limousines are all great, but it has been done before. The fire engine can add colour, depth and something unique to your wedding photographs or video. Use it for the bride (complete with red carpet), transport the groom and best man whilst allowing the bride to be to have something a little more traditional or just use it for the bridesmaids. In fact, why tell anyone, just let them know that you are going to arrange for a “taxi” to take them to the church and have our fire engine limo turn up, that should raise a few eyebrows! If this just a bit too much for your wedding, then what about transport from the reception to your hotel or nearest airport. You decide.

City or Town Cruise

Well first the confession…no fire engine limo can claim to have panoramic windows, so this is not the best method for sightseeing, unless of course you intend to stop at each location!
However, it is different, you can just cruise whilst watching your favourite DVD or listening to your latest music tracks on our quality sound system. Plan your event in advance, stop at a pub, but be the only one to arrive in your very own fire engine. just arrange to have a ‘cruise’ as part of your journey to and/or from your ultimate destination, a time to chill, plan the night ahead and make a BIG impact as you arrive. Let you imagination run wild and see if we can meet the challenges.

Airport Transfers

The problem with you average limo, is whilst it can take up to 8 passengers, luggage can be a problem. Our fire engine limo has excellent storage space, so it makes an excellent mode of transport for your journeys to and from the airport. Of course, we can’t promise to get you there any quicker (the Police are not keen on anyone else using blues and twos), but we can cater for considerable more luggage than your average limo.